Hansen Leveller Valve

Each valve is supplied with: Complete Glass Fibre Reinforced Nylon Valve Body and 32mm, 40mm & 50mm Adaptors, Leveller Control, 115mm Weighted HiViz Threaded Ball, 140mm Blue Threaded Float, 2.5metre Cord

Features and Benefits

  • High performance cost effective Reservoir/Tank valve
  • Adjustable Minimum and Maximum on off control (50mm – 2.5 metre)
  • Suitable for High/Low pressures (0.2 bar – 12 bar)
  • Delivers high volumes of water quickly with unrestrictive full flow (1275 l/min at 12 bar)
  • Patent pending “self cleaning pilot” for use in clean/dirty water conditions.
  • Soft open and close action preventing valve bounce and water hammer
  • Strong compact design
  • Threaded outlet for use with a diffuser tube, ideal for high flows, eliminating turbulence
  • Punch out anti-syphon holes for multi tank fi lling or diffuser installations
  • Manufactured from strong, non corrosive UV stabilised materials