Product Description

Rheem Lazer Eco 5 litre – Model 70305W

Easy to operate and keep clean, Rheem Lazer Office is available in three and five litre capacities — equating to 20 to 35 cups of ready to use boiling water and 103 cups recovery per hour. The temperature can be set from 70 to 99 degrees, depending on how hot you like your drinks.

Boiling Water Powerhouse

Rheem Lazer Eco is a cost-effective boiling water powerhouse designed for a wide range of installations such as the workplace or sports club.

Economic At Its Core

It’s easy to use with a one-touch button to switch on “Eco Mode” which automatically turns the Lazer Eco off after two hours, reducing power consumption.

The indicator light shows red when heating and green when in energy conservation “Eco Mode”, so you can see what it’s doing at a glance. “Eco Mode” can reduce energy use by over 40%.

Easy to Clean

The good looking white powder coat finish is easy to clean and the Lazer Eco comes in 3, 5 and 7.5 litre models delivering up to 50 cups immediately and 103–123 cups of boiling water an hour.

Automatic safety devices ensure the unit never boils dry and it also features automatic calibration of the boiling point for whatever altitude the unit is installed at.

The Lazer Eco comes with the reliability and back-up service you expect from Rheem, New Zealand’s market leader and most trusted name in water heating and boiling water for over 40 years.


Product Specifications

Delivery – InitialL6
Mins to full heatMins15
Weight emptykg8
Weight fullkg15
Min water pressurekPa50
Max water pressurekPa1000
Electrical connectionsSupplied with 10amp 3 pin plug and flex
Plumbing connectionsBSPM1/2″
Dimension Amm334
Dimension Bmm191
Dimension Cmm465
Dimension Dmm264
Dimension Emm60
Dimension Fmm45
Dimension Gmm44
Dimension Hmm17
Dimension Mmm167
Dimension Nmm269

Lazer Eco 5 litre – Model 70305W