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Stovax Riva Studio 2 (Urban) Wood Fire Package

  • Stovax Riva Studio 2 Package Timber Cavity Install
  • Stovax Riva Studio 2

Stovax Riva Studio 2 (Urban) Wood Fire Package


Clean Air Approved for urban use. 


View working model in-store at Turfrey Hastings & Hamilton.

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Product Description

Stovax Riva Studio 2 Package Timber Cavity Install – Clean Air Approved for urban use.

• Urban use, properties of 2 Ha – 4.94 acres or less
• Efficiency: 66% Heat output: 16.0kW 
• Clean Air Approved for urban areas (ECAN Approval No 133649) 
• Glass fronted with air wash air flow to keep window clean 
• Inbuilt or Freestanding 
• Radiant & convected heat 
• Heating capacity approx: 210m3 
• 25XS standard frame for fire 
• Alternative layout: Freestanding Zero Clearance Box (ZCB) – contact us
• Additional options: Fire Stand & Side-by-Side TV Cabinet – contact us

See how fantastic modern wood fireplaces can look. There are endless design possibilities. Remember too that wood is a surprisingly good heat solution using a renewable resource and can provide more than 50% more heat than a gas fire. Especially if they are designed as well as these.

Our Package includes:

1x Stovax Riva Studio 2 Wood Burning Fire
1x Studio 2 25XS Wide Steel Graphite Frame
7x A.A.C Panel Block (1200 x 600 x 75)
1x 150 Starter Ring S/S
4x S/Steel Flue 150 x 1200mm long
4x Galvanised Flue 200 x 12oomm long
4x Galvanised Flue 250 x 1200mm long
1x Oversized Wood Cowl Kit 150/300
3x Spacer 150/200
3x Spacer 200/250
1x Free Shipping NZ (at our cost)

Any questions? Contact us on 0800 182 182 or email

Stovax’s Studio 2 fires feature the very latest Cleanburn combustion systems, allowing them to burn logs with outstanding efficiency, resulting in more heat delivery into the room and less going up the chimney. This technological advancement is achieved by introducing preheated, secondary air into the firebox to burn the excess hydrocarbons in the smoke.

Airwash systems air flow also helps keep the window clean, allowing you to enjoy the flames to the full. The Stovax Riva Studio 2 Package Timber Cavity Install offers you full control of flame aesthetics. From a lazy roll to a lively roar, you can adjust your fire to suit your mood

Dana from  Parnell:

“We have found our Stovax absolutely fantastic, providing both wonderful ‘real’ fire ambience and exceptional warmth and heating to our customers. Highly recommended” 

Annette from East Mahuranga Rodney:

“Our Stovax Studio 2 Clean Air fire does  everything that we wanted it to do with heat  and performance. We absolutely love it  and its brilliant!”


Based in Exeter, England, Stovax Ltd was established in 1981 to design, manufacture and distribute wood burning stoves and fireside accessories. By 1988, a decision was made to diversify into the manufacture of gas-fired versions of Stovax stoves and a separate company. Gazco Ltd was formed to develop and produce them. Today, as sister companies, Stovax and Gazco continue to work very closely together as leading brands worldwide for heating. Each company has constantly developed its product range.  Such that the combined businesses have grown to become one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of stoves, fireplaces and fires, with exports to countries worldwide.

Stovax Riva Studio 2 Package

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Studio 2 25XS Wide Steel Graphite Frame


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