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Masport R1500 Ped Freestanding Radiant Fire

  • Masport R1500

Masport R1500 Ped Freestanding Radiant Fire


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Product Description

Masport R1500 Ped Freestanding Radiant Fire


Supreme balance between heat output, design and price

  • NES and ECAN clean air approved
  • Heats small to medium sized areas
  • 6mm flat radiant cooktop and 6mm steel firebox for durability
  • Easy installation with ash only floor protection required
  • Optional Masport R1500 water booster available for Rural application only (1.5kW max)

Product Specification

FinishMetallic Black VHT
Est. peak output14kW
Approx. heat area140m2
Dimensions (WxDxH)600 x 452 x 658mm

To get the best out of your Masport R1500 Ped Freestanding Radiant Fire, we endorse the following tips:

  1. Plan ahead – stock up on woods 6-12 months before intended use.
  2. Use a ‘Hot mix’ of fire wood, consisting of a mix of soft and hard woods.
  3. Select dry, hard wood as it makes the fire burn hotter and longer.
  4. Choose sound, solid wood – avoid rot and excess bark. A good way to tell if wood is ready to burn is to look for signs of radial cracking at the end of a log.
  5. Split larger logs to assist drying and burning.
  6. Never use seaborne driftwood or chemically treated timber.
  7. Stack fuel loosely in a dry place so air can pass freely through the pile.
  8. Cover the top and two sides of the stack.
  9. Use fuel in order – the oldest and driest first.
  10. Have your appliance professionally checked and serviced before the Winter begins.

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Why Buy a Wood Fire?

  • Wood is a carbon neutral product. Unlike other fuels, burning woods generates no more carbon dioxide (CO2) than if they were left to decompose naturally.
  • A wood fire is an energy efficient way of heating. They are designed to heat your entire house.
  • A wood fire is also a multi-purpose fire. Apart from being your primary heat source, it can be used in line with a heat transfer/ventilation system.
  • It is a smart and cost effective method of heating. Running a wood fire is one of the cheapest forms of heating.
  • Wood is a renewable energy source, therefore making it a sound environmental choice.
  • Whatever your heating requirement is, there’s a range of models and options to choose from.

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Additional Information


No Flue Kit, Flue Kit c/w Flue Shield


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