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Masport I9000 Rural Inbuilt Fireplace

  • Masport I9000 Rural Inbuilt Fireplace

Masport I9000 Rural Inbuilt Fireplace

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Product Description

Masport I9000 Rural Inbuilt Fireplace

 Big, bold and striking, the I9000 adds great visual impact and plenty of heat for large, spacious areas.

  • Efficiently heats areas up to 240m2
  • Superior heat from a fully finned 6mm cast iron firebox and triple air combustion system
  • Fitted with masonry bricks and steel baffle for durability
  • 2-speed convection fan for faster heat circulation
  • Suitable for masonry recess installations and ZC applications

Masport I9000 Rural Product Specification

  • Finish: Metallic Black VHT
  • Firebox: Cast Iron
  • Louvre/Grill: Black
  • Est. Peak Output: 24kW
  • Approx Heat Area: 240m2
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 1024 x 847mm

Our commitment to you, however, goes way beyond a great range of products. We are with you every step of the way while making your purchase and beyond. If you have any questions about Masport Heating, our products and stockists, or if you would like assistance in choosing the Masport heater that suits you, we are always here to help.

At Masport Heating, we take pride in our extensive knowledge of wood fires and solid fuel heating, continuing to pursue innovative fireplace design and development. Our extensive range of wood fires is the result of years of focused research and we continue to be at the forefront of a new generation of clean burning, ultra-efficient wood burners. These thoughtfully designed fire places provide reliable warmth to the whole house, have an amazing degree of control and are economic, visually appealing and most of all are environmentally friendly.

Masport I9000 Rural

To get the best out of your Masport Wood Fire, we endorse the following tips:

  • Plan ahead – stock up on woods 6-12 months before intended use.
  • Use a ‘Hot mix’ of fire wood, consisting of a mix of soft and hard woods.
  • Select dry, hard wood as it makes the fire burn hotter and longer.
  • Choose sound, solid wood – avoid rot and excess bark. A good way to tell if wood is ready to burn is to look for signs of radial cracking at the end of a log.
  • Split larger logs to assist drying and burning.
  • Never use seaborne driftwood or chemically treated timber.
  • Stack fuel loosely in a dry place so air can pass freely through the pile.
  • Cover the top and two sides of the stack.
  • Use fuel in order – the oldest and driest first.
  • Have your appliance professionally checked and serviced before the Winter begins.

Additional Information

Flue Kit

Masport I9000 Rural Fire Only (Includes Fascia & Zero Clearance Cabinet), Masport I9000 Rural Fire & Flue Kit (Includes Fascia & Zero Clearance Cabinet)

Water Booster/Wetback

No Water Booster, Water Booster Included


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