Product Description

 BAF-12449 Woodsman Tarras MKII & MKIII Baffle S/S

The baffle in your Woodsman fire is an integral part of the appliance and helps ensure a clean, efficient and controllable burn. However, baffles are a consumable item and are designed to be replaced as they are likely to degrade with use due to the exposure to the extreme heat of the fire. The life of the baffle will depend on what is burnt in the fire and how hot the fire usually burns.

At the risk of damaging the fire box, the baffle should be replaced as soon as it shows signs of damage and cannot perform its intended function.

Replacing baffles is a simple task and can be carried out by the user.

Replacing all baffles, except Tarras (MKI) and ECR NoVo

  • Remove side bricks from the fire
  • Pull the old baffle out of the locater hole in the rear of the fire
  • Allow the front of the baffle to drop forward and down to the bottom of the fire
  • Rotate and remove through the door
  • Reverse process to install new baffle
  • Note; Air holes should be facing down