Product Description

Holdfast Water Stop 1000 Roof Repair Paint 10KG

  • 1000% stretchable grey waterproof repair
  • Stops roofs leaking
  • Use in wet or dry conditions
  • Completely waterproof

Water Stop 1000 Stretchable Waterproof Repair is a ready to use, fibre reinforced, protective roof coating for use on wet or dry surfaces. It is thick, viscous liquid that is brush, roller or pallet knife applied and forms a completely waterproof rubber barrier.

  • Fully elastic when cured
  • Synthetic fibres enhance structural strength
  • Solvent based acrylic polymer
  • For use in wet or dry conditions
  • Possible to apply in sub-zero temperatures
  • UV resistant – will not discolour
  • Will bridge large gaps
  • Long life Waterstop
  • Withstands large temperature variations
  • Will bond across 2mm Gap (greater than this requires of mesh reinforcing tape)
  • Repair and protection of flat roofs with adequate drainage
  • Carrying out emergency repairs of roofs, gutters, chimneys
  • Sealing of leaks, cracks and joints.
  • Suitable for fixing or repairing asphalt shingles. (Greater than 2 years of age)