Masport Steel Floor Protectors & Hearths

Enhance your freestanding wood fire with a stylish floor protector available in a range of sizes to suit your needs in stunning black.

*Hearths are designed where minimum floor protection is required as per AS/NZS 2918:2001 and are made of 4mm Steel with a black powder coated surface.

See Photos to see what Masport Steel Floor Protectors suits each Masport Wood Fire

MASPORT STEEL Floor Protectors are designed for free standing fires where minimum floor protection is required as per AS/NZS 2918:2001, in order to protect the floor from heat and any embers that may fall during fuelling operation.

There are specific floor protectors for parallel and corner installation of Akaroa model. These floor protectors are made of 4mm thick steel with a black powder coat finish.

• The location of wood fire and the floor protector/hearth must comply with local council and building regulations.
• The steel floor protector along with wood fire should be installed in accordance with the minimum clearances to combustibles indicated in Masport specification sheet that comes with the wood fire pack.
• Some councils in New Zealand require the wood fire and the floor protector to be secured to prevent shifting in the event of an earthquake. Installer will have to drill suitable holes, at an appropriated location on the floor protector.

Guidelines for installation

• Prepare the flat surface where the floor protector will be positioned. Masport steel protectors can be used directly on wooden or carpet floors.

• Overall sizes of all the Masport floor protectors are slightly bigger than the minimum required. This gives some flexibility in positioning of the fire on to the floor protector.

• Use thick rags, a protective blanket or suitable protective material to avoid scratches on the powder coated surface whilst moving the wood fire into correct position and marking the seismic restraint holes.

• Refer to the table on page 4 to position the wood fire and locating seismic restraint holes on the floor and the protector. Please note that the distances given in this table are for guidance only, assuming the floor protector is flush with the rear or side combustible walls. Ensure the Masport St/St Double Flue Heat Shield is used where required as per specification sheet.

• Before drilling the seismic restraint holes, make sure that the rear clearance, side clearance and front clearance from glass is maintained as per Masport specification sheet.


• The powder coated surface is susceptible to scratches. The Masport warranty does not cover surface finish once the steel floor protector is unpacked and installed.

• Masport offers spray paint cans for touch up if required to remedy small scratches. Please note that this spray paint is not an exact match of the powder coat finish. It is adequate for small touch up jobs only.

• For larger damaged areas, the alternative is to spray an entire floor protector with touch-up paint to ensure a colour match finish.