Rinnai Infinity External Gas Continuous Flow Water Heaters

Rated 6 Stars

The Rinnai INFINITY® A-Series are continuous flow hot water systems for residential applications. These water heaters produce endless hot water, and unlike electric cylinders, are energy efficient as they are only on when you need hot water.

Product description

Designed and made in Japan, the Rinnai INFINITY® A-series are continuous flow gas hot water heaters with inbuilt frost protection. They have electronic ignition and require electricity to operate.

The Infinity A-series comes in a range of sizes, model selection is dependent on the number of outlets in the house. See selector diagram below and related products for other sizes.

Scope of Use

  • Suitable for mains and medium pressure residential applications.
  • They are designed to be externally mounted on an outside wall and located as close as practicable to the most frequently used hot water outlet(s), to reduce the delay for hot water delivery.
  • They are not suitable as a spa or swimming pool heater.
  • They are not suitable for commercial installations.
  • They are also not suitable as a gas boost for solar installations, or connection with an iHeat, as the temperature cannot be set high enough.
  • Hard or acidic water will need to be treated to use this product.

Gas type

Available for Natural Gas or LPG. Please select the correct gas option.