Bianco Hot Water Booster

The Bianco Hot Water Booster is a pump used for domestic hot water boosting.
Recommended for use with low presure or gavity fed
domestic pressure system.

The pump is characterised by –

• Automatic operation controlled by flow switch
• Circulation body materials suitable for potable
• 1 speed operation
• Flows to 30 l/min
• Heads to 9m

Liquid temperature: Maximum 60oC
Materials: Pump body: Stainless Steel 304
Impeller: Corrosion resistant composite PPO
Back Plate and Rotor Can: Stainless Steel 304
Unions: Stainless Steel 304

Installation: Maximum ambient temperature: 40oC
Maximum Operating Pressure: 6 bar
Port spacing: 160mm
Port size: 3/4” BSPM
(1/2” BSPM if used with supplied unions)

Electrical Data: 230V
Mains Frequency: 50Hz
Power consumption speeds: 120W
Motor: Continuous
Motor type: Canned rotor
Ingress Protection: IP42
Power cable: 1m
Bianco Pumpz 2 Year Warranty

Bianco Hot Water Booster