Product Description

Aromachef Hotrox Charcoal Briquettes

Cook with Aromachef Hotrox for perfect chargrilled flavour. Made from Namibian lump charcoal that is ground into “fines” and compressed into large size briquettes using a 100% natural maize starch binder.

Many alternative BBQ briquettes derive from coal mines and can be dirty burning, with many countries not allowing them for cooking use.

An outstanding pure quality, clean burning BBQ Briquette.

If you’ve got the BBQ—we’ve got the fuels.  You will be able to cook food that a master chef would be proud of.

Aromachef Charcoal products are manufactured from Namibian Intruder bush – a thorny, water-hungry bush that sucks the life blood from Namibia’s Savannah ecosystem. It is harvested to return the Savannah to its original state. Due to the extreme dry heat, the Invader Bush species produces outstanding quality charcoal products and comes from an FSC approved renewable source.