Project Description

New Johnsonville Library – Turfrey Plumbing and Drainage services are part of the new Johnsonville Library project for Southbase Construction. The total cost of the project is $22.5m.

The people

The Johnsonville Library is a significant community facility which has, in its current location, been serving the Johnsonville community since 1965. Working with the Wellington City Council library staff and community liaison officers this project was identified to help provide a more cohesive heart for the Johnsonville suburban centre.

The context

The current library and its upgrade signalled an opportunity to give this community asset more profile. Johnsonville has changed significantly since the library first moved to its current location. With the Mall and its potential redevelopment alongside the need for expanded premises, the opportunity arose to collocate the library with the city councils other community assets – the swimming pool and community centre and park. This more prominent site will also provide the community centre with a higher profile that will be visible to the many visitors to this suburban centre.

The response

The site has a number of different constraints including floor levels of existing facilities (pool and community centre). These have had a significant effect on the form of the building and how this relates to the street. The library has been designed to provide an elegant icon for the Johnsonville Community promoting identity and a strong sense of place.