Project Description

Coastlands, Kapiti Coast – Ebert Construction

Turfrey scope of works includes Metal Roofing and Membrane Works to the new development. This includes Dimond LT7 metal profiled roofing.

About the project:

Coastlands prepares for new growth

Friday 29th July 2016 – Coastlands Director, Richard Mansell has announced the first of several new developments, as the mall prepares for anticipated growth from the MacKays to Peka Peka expressway.

The first development, a 40 week project, worth $3 million will commence building in early August. Named Takiri House, after an original local shareholder, it will be the first of two mini complexes on Rimu Road, and will include a mix of high quality offices, retail, eateries and outdoor space.

The development works in conjunction with the Kapiti Coast District Council’s long term vision to increase connectedness and the creation of a Kapiti town centre, by linking Coastlands to the civic precinct and developing Rimu Road as a main street featuring more retail and businesses.

“At the heart of the Coastlands developments is the hope to create a space in the community where people can work, connect, shop, and play while enjoying pleasant surroundings. Kapiti’s narrow demographics in the past have prohibited larger and popular shops to commit, however the expressway will bring in new and exciting opportunities, which we plan to act on,” says Richard Mansell, Coastlands Director.

Retail Strategist and commentator Chris Wilkinson is positive about the effects this development will have on Kapiti growth.

“This development is much needed. The expressway will broaden current demographics, and provide a fresh appetite for investment into Kapiti. Coastlands is doing the right thing by preparing its future strategies towards enhancing its retail, shopping and dining mix.”

Coastlands, a family owned business since 1969 has over 100 local shareholders.  Housing over 120 businesses, they help provide over 1,500 local jobs and donate over $100,000 back to the community annually. Coastlands have previously funded several community projects including, The Coastlands Aquatic Centre, The Coastlands Kapiti Sports Turf, and plans to continue heavily investing into the Kapiti Community.