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  • Sale! Metro Outdoor 850-TMetro Outdoor 850-T

    Metro Outdoor 850-T Package

    $5,599.00 $5,399.00
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  • Sale! Metro Outdoor 850-PMetro Outdoor 850-P

    Metro Outdoor 850-P Package

    $4,599.00 $4,399.00
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  • Sale! Metro Outdoor 850-B Fire PackageMetro Outdoor 850-B Fire Package

    Metro Outdoor 850-B Fire Package

  • Sale! Metro Ambie PlusMetro Ambie Plus

    Metro Ambie Plus

  • Sale! Metro Mega RadMetro Mega Rad

    Metro Mega Rad

  • Sale! Metro Xtreme Rad WoodyMetro Xtreme Rad Woody

    Metro Xtreme Rad Woody

  • Sale! Metro Xtreme Rad BaseMetro Xtreme Rad Base

    Metro Xtreme Rad Base

  • Sale! Metro Xtreme Rad

    Metro Xtreme Rad

  • Sale! Metro Ambie OneMetro Ambie One

    Metro Ambie One

  • Sale! Metro Classic RadMetro Classic Rad

    Metro Classic Rad

  • Sale! Metro Wee Rad Leg

    Metro Wee Rad Leg

  • Sale! Metro Wee Rad WoodyMetro Wee Rad Woody

    Metro Wee Rad Woody

  • Sale! Metro Wee PedMetro Wee Ped

    Metro Wee Ped

  • Sale!

    Metro Wee Rad Base

  • Sale! Metro Eco Tiny Rad WoodyMetro Tiny Rad Woody

    Metro Tiny Rad Woody

  • Sale! Metro Eco Tiny RadMetro Eco Tiny Rad

    Metro Eco Tiny Rad

  • Sale! Metro Eco Tiny PedMetro Eco Tiny Ped

    Metro Eco Tiny Ped

  • Sale! Metro Eco Smart InsertMetro Eco Smart Insert

    Metro Eco Smart Insert

  • Sale! Metro Eco Trend InsertMetro Eco Trend Insert

    Metro Eco Trend Insert

  • Sale! Metro Mega Smart Built-InMetro Mega Smart Built-In

    Metro Mega Smart Built-In

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  • Sale! Metro Eco Base Flue KitMetro Eco Base Flue Kit

    Metro Eco Base Flue Kit

    $974.00 $849.00
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  • Metro Eco Option Kit - Galv LinerMetro Eco Option Kit - Galv Liner
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  • Metro Composite Fire Bricks

    Metro Composite Fire Bricks

  • Metro Baffles & Airtube

    Metro Baffles & Airtube


Metro Wood Fires


Welcome natural warmth and comfort into your home with Metrofires

Keeping warm is a basic need that we all share, and the ambience, natural warmth and comfort of a flickering fire is the perfect way to keep your home warm, dry and healthy.

Metro R1 Metro Fires Metro Wood Fires

Metro wood fires was born in rural Taranaki back in the mid-90’s, by Peter Butler working from the garage of the family home.

Peter saw an opportunity to develop a range of stylish, well-built, high performing wood fires which would set the market on fire. Development of the very first Metro proved to be a success and quickly the brand started to grow. Instant demand set in, allowing the range to rapidly expand from a single model to the 27 models that are featured in this years range.

Metro, as a company, continues to grow and build on Peter’s legacy with the same passion, drive and ethics. We are dedicated wood fire specialists and pride ourselves on using the highest quality materials, workmanship and the very latest manufacturing techniques. We are also proud to support local industry and New Zealand’s future by continuing to design and manufacture our wood fires right here in New Zealand.

Our continued focus on Metro Fires research and development, coupled with our product design & innovation saw us acknowledged at New Zealand’s BEST Awards where we received the Sustainable Product Design & Consumer Awards. Receiving these awards reinforces our commitment to deliver quality NZ made wood fires to Kiwi homes providing many years of warmth and service.

While we specialise in wood fire development, Metro Fires also provide the complete home heating solution with our extensive range of complimentary heating products. From our unique Metro ECO flue systems, wetbacks and heat transfer systems, to our range of floor protectors (hearths), child guards and heating accessories.

Welcome natural warmth and comfort into your home. Thank you for choosing Metro fires.

Metro Wood Fires