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Where to find bathroomware such as a bidet for toilets and shower channel drains? Turfrey! Yes, we stock a wide selection of bathroomware to help you complete your bathroom conversion or upgrade.

Our designer range of Manrose ceiling grilles seamlessly extract steam from your bathroom. With a cutting-edge look, the grilles come in a sophisticated matt black palette in square or circular style to add impact to your bathroom.

Other bathroomware currently stocked by Turfrey includes the Englefield bidet for toilets. This electronic bidet seat features Englefield’s Quick-Close and Quick-Release technology with high-grade stainless-steel wand for self-cleaning bidet wash. As you would expect with a premium brand, this bidet for toilets also comes with both oscillating and standard sprays, heated seat, dryer and deodoriser.

Looking for shower channel drains? Turfrey stocks the Allproof Vision Shower Channel – a stainless-steel channel and grate system with a leak control flange and floor waste gully.