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Turfrey are On-site Wastewater Designers and Installers, offering a range of options for wastewater treatment including the Biolytix Biopod and the Hynds Lifestyle.

Design and installation available across the North Island.

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Wastewater Treatment - Turfrey

The Biolytix BioPod

Naturally aerated wastewater treatment

At the heart of the Biolytix wastewater treatment process is the BioPod.  The BioPod is a unique and patented method of treating household wastewater to a level that is suitable for beneficial irrigation of lawns & gardens.  The BioPod works by mimicking the way nature breaks down waste which is far more efficient and less energy intensive than conventional wastewater treatment.


Inside the Biopod

Inside is a layered filter bed, engineered to quickly separate the solids from liquid sewage to provide a stable environment for the micro and macro organisms that break down the separated solid waste into stable humic product. The organisms, including tiger worms introduced to the BioPod on commissioning, ensure the entire filter bed is naturally aerated, eliminating the smell. The organisms feed on the waste exactly as they would in nature.

The worms and other treatment organisms simply breed and replenish themselves. Because of the relative lack of mechanical components in the filter bed the BioPod only needs one annual service (most competing systems require 3-4 services each year). Purified and filtered water is then ready to be pumped into the garden for further polishing and where it can be utilised as a beneficial irrigation resource.

Biolytix Biopod
Biolytix Biopod

A tiny “fish tank” air pump for ventilation

A major advantage of the BioPod is that it has a minute, but robust, low energy air pump which ensures the ambient air in the BioPod is constantly refreshed providing an abundance of available oxygen supply for the aerobic organisms that do all the work in the filter.  It’s blower only consumes 0.12 kWhours per day (approximately 3 cents per day) which is very low compared to other systems, which typically consume 10 to 20 times this.  In addition to this the air pump is whisper quiet and less than 40dB from a distance of just 1m. By comparison the blowers used on aerated wastewater systems can be very noisy and can operate 24 hours a day.

How the treatment bed works

Wastewater Treatment - Turfrey

Hynds Lifestyle Advanced Wastewater System

The LIfestyle™ ‘Advanced’ System is a single tank operation that combines advanced electronic technology with industry proven wastewater treatment methods to provide a clean, odourless liquid suitable for sustained irrigation of landscaped gardens, bushes or trees.

 Designed to treat up to 2000 litres of wastewater per day for individual houses of up to ten occupants within a single tank process system.


  • Tank capacity of 8500 litres
  • Households up to ten occupants
  • Manufactured to ISO 9001 quality Standards
  • Visually unobtrusive
  • 24 hour back up service
  • Quiet and economic operation
  • No cross contamination of chambers
  • Low maintenance
Wastewater Treatment - Turfrey


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